Business Continuity Plan

Lake Street Capital Markets, LLC Business Continuity Plan Summary

Lake Street Capital Markets, LLC (Lake Street) is committed to protecting access to client accounts during business interruptions due to emergency situations.  We maintain a Business Continuity Plan that addresses disruptions to our normal course of business.

Lake Street is a fully-disclosed introducing broker-dealer and all client accounts are maintained by our clearing firm, RBC Clearing and Custody (RBC), located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Because RBC maintains custody of client accounts and securities, we may rely on RBC to provide clients with direct access to their accounts and/or facilitate recovery of certain books and records.  A summary of RBC’s Business Continuity Plan is available on their website at or at (800) 933-9946. Lake Street and RBC are members of FINRA and SIPC.

Our Business Continuity Plan was developed to address the recovery of Lake Street’s business as quickly as possible depending on the magnitude of the disruption and provides for contingencies in the event of a single building, city-wide or regional business disruption.

Some recovery objectives may be negatively impacted by circumstances that are beyond our control.  For example, if the disruption is so extensive in scope as to disrupt business for both Lake Street and RBC.  If this occurs, RBC will restore it operations first and this may cause requests for trade executions or access to funds and securities to be delayed during this time.  If an event occurs that is so severe that Lake Street is unable to continue to do business, we will ensure that clients will have access to their funds and securities within a reasonable amount of time.

Our Business Continuity Plan outlines actions we will take to recover our business, including the use of an office location not affected by the disruption, retrieval of off-site back up data, use of primary and alternate vendors for continued communication, notification of active clients to provide interim information and relocation of personnel, if necessary.

While we realize no contingency plan will eliminate all risk of service disruptions, we will update and test our Business Continuity Plan on an annual basis to reasonably mitigate the risks.  As the Business Continuity Plan in its entirety contains both confidential and proprietary information, it is not available to the public.  Please contact Paul McNamee at (612) 326-1312 if you require a copy of our full Business Continuity Plan.

In the event of a business disruption, you may contact Lake Street at (612) 326-1305 or (888) 300-4648 or via email at